Mokume Gane [Black/Silver] + Blue Box Elder Wood #1


This isn't a ring for mere mortals. This beautifully crafted, titanium wedding ring features a center inlay of Blue Box Elder Wood sandwiched between two stunning inlays of black and silver Mokume Gane. The Mokume Gane also serves as the secret inlay on the interior, adding depth and mystery to the band. This is the perfect ring for any controller of the universe or artistically inspired man.

Featuring uniquely patterned metalstock styled in the Mokume Gane tradition of Japan, our new M3 line of titanium rings are a modern interpretation of an ancient metal art. Originally created in 17th century Japan as adornment for samurai sword handles and sheaths, Mokume Gane reflects the finest hour of craftsmanship - reproducing the intrinsic beauty of mother nature herself.

Pictured Width: 7.9mm

Product Details
Ring Details

Available Sizes: 3 to 14

Available Widths: 3.5mm to 11mm

Materials: Mokume Gane, Blue Box Elder Wood, Titanium

Design: Each ring is hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind, and made to order

Custom Sizers for a Guaranteed Fit ($45)
With our Custom Sizer Program, we guarantee your ring will be the right size or your sizing exchange is free within 30 days after receiving your ring. Select your approximate size and width above and we’ll make you a set of 3 custom aluminum sizers in your size range. Wear each sizer for a few days and then let us know which size and width are right for you.

Lifetime Care Options

Gold Level ($100)

  • Lifetime cleaning, re-anodizing, buffing
  • Lifetime replacement of inlay and or damage/repair
  • Includes FedEx return shipping

Titanium Level ($150)

  • Lifetime cleaning, re-anodizing, buffing
  • Lifetime replacement of inlay and or damage/repair
  • 1 complete loss replacement during ring's lifetime (only applicable if Titanium Lifetime Care Option is purchased in the same transaction as original ring)
  • 1 complete rebuild for catastrophic damage during ring's lifetime
  • Includes FedEx return shipping


Manufacturing Details

Standard Production
Ships out 6-8 weeks after purchase (or 6-8 weeks after you tell us your size from the Custom Sizers)

Rush Order
We'll deliver your ring by the 'Latest Must-Have-By Date' that you specify. We've never missed a deadline and don't plan to start anytime soon! (If you're ordering Custom Sizers, keep in mind it will take a few days to receive them)