5 Ideas For a More Exciting Wedding

5 Ideas For a More Exciting Wedding

Let’s face it, guys are not into weddings as much as girls are. If you’ve ever been to a wedding, do you remember anything about it other than the bride and groom? Probably not. As a wedding guest, all the elements of the wedding reception may seem like nothing special. There is an open bar, flowers, best men, bridesmaids, and a wedding cake. Wow, how special.

When you have a wedding of your own, it should be memorable and special for everyone who attends. It is bad enough that your friends are going to wear uncomfortable dressy clothes, rent hotel rooms, and purchase wedding gifts. You should at least create an experience at your wedding that they’ll never forget.

Even if you are not planning the whole wedding, you should still add some of your own ideas to it. Below are 5 tips for enhancing the memorable aspects of your big wedding day.

1) Whiskey (or Bourbon) Tasting

If there is ever a good time to booze it up, it is at your wedding reception. The best part is that you can still keep it classy too. Tell the bartender to create a whiskey bar which features up to a dozen different types of whiskey from various countries in the world. If you don’t like whiskey, you can set up a similar bar exclusively for beer, gin, or vodka instead. You can even go as far as to have an expert in liquor talk about the various whiskey types and their background. Finally, have everyone come up and taste the different types of whiskey to see which ones they like the most.

2) Photos With Mascots

Wedding photographers are commonly hired to take beautiful high-quality pictures of wedding couples. You can hire one for your wedding, but don’t just have them take boring pictures of you and your new bride.  Try to get your photos taken in more creative ways. For example, if you’ve got a favorite sports team like the New York Mets, you could have someone dress up as the Mr. Met mascot and then pose with you both in your wedding photos. If you’ve got the money and connections, you may even be able to hire the real mascot directly from your favorite sports team. If professional sporting mascots are too hard to get, try college sports mascots instead.

3) Do-it-yourself Cupcakes

The one thing more fun than eating cupcakes is making them yourself. No matter if your guests are kids or adults, they will feel similarly about cupcakes. Therefore, have a do-it-yourself cupcake area at your wedding reception instead of leaving out dry cupcakes for everyone to eat. To get started, gather some cupcakes which only have plain frost on them. Place them on a large table next to a series of bowls which have different add-ons for the cupcakes. These add-ons can include chocolate sprinkles, multi-colored sprinkles, additional frosting, bacon bits, candy pieces and more. That way, your guests can design their own cupcakes by applying these toppings themselves.

4) Entertainment 

The common forms of entertainment found at weddings are music, dancing, and eating. You could get creative by having the DJ play your favorite songs while you and your bride dance to them. However, this might not be the best experience for your guests because they may not like those songs. Therefore, what specific form of entertainment do most people love? Magicians! Have a magician come to your wedding and do magic tricks for your wedding guests. You could even take it a step further and hire palm readers, fortune tellers, belly dancers, comedians and whoever else you can think of.

If you truly want to entertain your guests with singing and dancing, then hire a Karaoke DJ. These types of DJs will play music for a variety of different songs. Then you can have your guests do the singing while giving them their 5 minutes of fame. Just go all out and have fun with it. No one needs to be a professional singer. Let them get crazy and hysterical!

5) Weird Songs and Music

There is plenty of traditional wedding music that you will hear at weddings. However, the songs and music at your wedding should be something special. A lot of couples like to pick music which reflects their own favorite themes or interests. Aside from simply playing your favorite songs, how about you play the themes to your favorite movies or television shows? You could play the theme to “The Simpsons,” “Star Wars,” “Indiana Jones,” “The Sopranos,” or whatever else you like. These might not seem like themes for a wedding, but that’s the whole point!

The whole idea is to think creatively about the songs that you want to play. Stay away from the traditional wedding songs because those have been done to death. Play anything that will get people talking about your wedding for weeks, months, or even years into the future. As for that famous first dance with your bride, try dancing to a song by Weird Al Yankovic. That will really blow everyone away, including your bride.

If you can reflect the personalities of you and your bride into all aspects of your wedding, then it will truly be a ceremony and reception which represents you both exclusively.